Living Pawsitive L.L.C.

A Holistic Approach to Food Safety and Physical Wellness



This includes things like prospect Evalution, Behavior consultation, Breed or species matching, selecting a pet dog, "dog job" recommendations, or finding an ethical breeder.


Service Dog Program

If you and your dog or puppy are looking to start the long journey of Service Dog training due to a disability that can be mitigated by a Service Dog, please click here for more info!


Drop In's 
and Care

Going on vacation or long day at work and need someone to check up on your pets? We can help! From feedings to walks, we'll make sure your animals are well looked after. 


Walks and Adventures

Does your animal crave adventure? As long as your animal is leash trained and not aggressive, we can walk, bike, hike, and more with your beloved pet. 



Looking for help with training? Come chat with us! Whether it's basic puppy obedience, a CGC Evalution, Scent work, socializing,  bikejoring, a trick dog title, or more. 

About Us

In 2010 I was diagnosed with celiac disease.  In 2017 I entered the Service Dog world and learned how a Service Dog can detect allergens and gluten. 

Learn how it works and see commonly asked questions. Feel free to send a DM through Facebook or Instagram, use the form available, or email with questions and concerns.